The Value of Ad Targeting

  • 26 September, 2022
  • AdBoard
  • adboard

To reach their audiences, advertisers utilize targeted advertising. To maximise their ROMI, advertisers use targeted advertising to target specific audiences that possess certain traits. Surely, as an advertiser you want to position your ads in front of a qualified audience …

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AdBoard Media LTD | Digital Advertising | Cyprus

4+1 Steps to Buying Roadside Advertising

Five simple steps to buying outdoor advertising: Step 1 Start the conversation with a member of our team. You can either call or e-mail our team and will be happy to answer any questions you may have Step 2 Discuss …

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Real Life & Online Shopping | AdBoard Media LTD | Cyprus

Real Life Shopping helps your longevity

The last couple of years have demonstrated that life can go on by sitting home and shopping online. In fact, research shows that shopping online may make you live shorter: research and neuroscience has demonstrated through a series of findings, …

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