Nicosia Mall

The New Nicosia Mall, which opened its doors on November 21, 2018, promises to be the most impressive retail space in recent memory. Strategically located off of A9 thoroughfare, it is convenient to Nicosia city centre while easily accessible to all visitors from the surrounding districts. Beyond its remarkable size and superior locale, the Nicosia Mall promises to attract more of the same type of premium consumers that regularly flock the Shopping Malls in Cyprus – all attracted to the high-end fashion, premium restaurants, and notable entertainment options available for them and their families. AdBoard, anticipating the influx of consumers, have worked in close partnership with the mall’s architects to create a technologically advanced and creative advertising program. The result? Larger-than ever Iconic displays, strategically installed Digital Networks, and a dominant Outdoor presence.


Two separate DAS networks, each comprised of 4 double-sided totems playing in synchronization: one covering the expanse of the Ground Floor, and the other covering both the entrance/exit of the underground parking as well as the expanse on the first floor of the mall – secure both networks for a total inclusive package of 16 HD digital screens and have your presence felt throughout the Mall.


Secure a position on one of the three jumbo LED Displays and let the sheer size translate into advertising dominance: 2 LEDs positioned one on each of the escalators connecting the 2 floors (7m x 1.5m), as well as a super jumbo LED positioned right in the central hub of the food court (12m x 2m).


Placed wherever the space was large enough and the visibility high enough to justify its presence – the strategically position Static Backlit Displays are exclusive for premium advertisers.


Whether it is HD Escalator Wraps, entire branding Zones, Elevator Advertising, Outdoor Flags or Scrolling Outdoor Pisas, the Nicosia Mall offers advertising opportunities that are truly out of the box - to entice even the most forward thinking brands and products.