About Us

We saw a gap in the Cyprus Outdoor market in 1999 and we went for it, setting up AdBoard Media to give real value for money by offering excellent locations all over Cyprus and expert advice to clients on their advertising campaigns.
Since then, we have grown to incorporate Sports, Malls, Cinemas, and Airports – joining with new international airport advertising partners Clear Channel and learning from their vast skills base. But our development does not stop at staff numbers and departments, we also grow in knowledge; knowledge of what works for different client markets and awareness of global trends.
From these lessons come product and process innovation; Ad Board was the first to introduce LED advertising and Glass Showcase Scrollers to Cyprus, we also have the largest Digital Deployment of HD Digital Screens in Airports in the Mediterranean and south Europe.
We have weathered the storm of recession and earned Advertising Awards due to our constant relationships with customers who trust us from first contact to seeing their brand in lights. Now we look to the future, to more outdoor locations, more innovative formats, and more advertising opportunities for our clients