AdBoard Media has established a significantly domimant presence in all major cities around Cyprus, offering an altogether different type of advertising display – ubiquitous on every major thoroughfare on the island. Our research studies point to the emergence of a strong trend for increasing numbers of people who are choosing to spend more time out-of-home; resulting in a decrease in the effectiveness of ‘in-home’ media to target mass audience.
AdBoard Media has crafted a highly balanced media mix, with a diverse number of differing advertising formats on its roster. In every major city route, and in every busy downtown centre, Adboard Media is there to provide the best GRPs for any brand campaign.

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With 80% of Mall shoppers making at least one purchase and with an average spend time of 75 minutes in a Mall, the advantages of location and footfall are effective if properly planned. Many international brands build campaigns specifically for Malls often spanning 3 years, whilst smaller businesses advertise in Malls for precise promotional exposure. Whatever your goal, let the AdBoard Media Malls team put together a focused and flexible package – ensuring every message hits its target.

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All studies agree that customers react and are influenced by prolonged and repeated exposure to adverts. A sports stadium has the ultimate captured audience staying for over 2 hours per game with most fans attending multiple games in the season. The stadium is seen as an emotionally charged atmosphere; the ideal scenario for advertising. However, distraction by the game means that a bold branding approach must be taken in sports advertising, hence AdBoard Media’s formats in GSP stadium, the largest stadium in Cyprus, being designed for impact, frequency and visibility.

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Our most recent addition to our growing OOH media portfolio includes the newly formed Cinema division – offering maximum marketing impact for its clients, AdBoard has aggregated all cinema screens in Cyprus under a singular management portfolio. The immersive environment provided within the walls of a movie theatre reinforces a cinema-goer’s attentiveness to pre-movie messages due to their heightened anticipation and the imposed parameters of an interruption-free experience. In addition to these on –screens ads, Adboard is also offering its advertisers the ability to interact with the public off-screen with one-of movie premiere events and stands.

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IAAC’s Airport Advertising Packages, put your brand in front of Europe’s highest value sought after audiences. With more than 6 markets in our current portfolio, our airport advertising network helps you reach both local and international terminals using high impact iconic sites, branding zones and digital advertising networks.