4+1 Steps to Buying Roadside Advertising

AdBoard Media LTD | Digital Advertising | Cyprus

Five simple steps to buying outdoor advertising:

Step 1

Start the conversation with a member of our team. You can either call or e-mail our team and will be happy to answer any questions you may have

Step 2

Discuss your ideas and objectives with our Growth Specialists. Some people might want to drive sales, others might want to increase footfall or raise brand awareness, or you might want both branding and awareness and sales. Our local team will deliver a solution based on your needs and target audience. This could be a local campaign, a regional campaign or even a national campaign.

Step 4

Understand the benefits before you make your decision! You would want to know that it’s the right thing to do! We will explain how many people will see your campaign and give you examples of the return similar businesses like yours have seen from their investment with our media network.

Step 5

It is your decision at this point to consider three things:

(i) will outdoor advertising reach your audience?
(ii) will our recommendations fit your budget? And,
(iii) are you ready to become locally famous and see a spike in sales?

If the answer to all the three questions Is a yes, then you need to talk to us NOW!