Outdoor Advertising in Cyprus

Our bespoke media in unique locations, can guarantee the best results for any campaign. From the iconic Portrait Displays network, to the Pisa (3mx4m) displays, Glass Showcase Scrolling Signs (4mx3m) and Large Format Premiums in both cities and highways, AdBoard Media can definitely meet any campaign objective for any brand.  


Pisa Signs are popular for a reason – they work hard to raise awareness, and with Ad Board’s prime outdoor locations in over 96 metropolitan spots all round Cyprus, clients have confidence in achieving their marketing goals. At an easy-to-read standard size of 3x4m, Pisa Signs are illuminated to offer 24 hours of visibility 360 days a year.

Pisa Scrolling

Scrolling Pisa Billboards attract attention immediately – they say ‘Look at me, I’m moving’, which means that every one of AdBoard Media's 252 Scrolling Pisa media spots in every major urban area in Cyprus delivers its message with incredible impact. AdBoard Media is the only company in Cyprus that has deployed Glass Showcase Scrollers, giving brands upscale positioning.

Trivision Large

Located at vital crossings in all cities, Trivision Large Displays are a perfect medium to capture the attention of your target audience.

Large Format Highway

Cyprus has 268 kilometers of highways extending from Paphos to Ayia Napa, Limassol to Larnaca to Nicosia with over 770,000 vehicles using these arteries. AdBoard Media has 75 large format night-lit outdoor media opportunities on these highways, roundabout junctions and urban entry points, each one gaining stand-alone exposure for prominent clients.

Iconic Portrait

Our Portrait Roadside portfolio gives advertisers the ability to target their target audience in a unique way. Adding to the existing strength of the rest of the products of Ad Board, the Portrait Displays leverage on the capabilities that large premium displays offer, to help advertisers build a strong engagement with their target audience. These premium displays are normally located in high traffic areas and junctions around Cyprus.

Bus Shelters

Amazing Ayia Napa has 72 Bus Shelter media spots, which gives AdBoard Media clients close-up access to well over half a million tourists per year in the resort, with more on the way following the new marina contract. The small size showcases are in strategic main road locations providing the best economical advertising choice.